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Interested in Volunteering?

Every volunteering opportunity is different, but in essence volunteering is about making friends, sharing hobbies/interests and new experiences.  Many of our residents enjoy talking about the local community, reminiscing about their past and talking about how things have changed or are changing for the younger generation.  So, whatever your interests we will always try to match you with a resident(s) who you will mutually enjoy spending time together.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I too old to volunteer for Osborne House? 2017-09-07T19:10:24+00:00

Our volunteering opportunities are open to everyone over the age of 16. We look for people who are friendly, approachable and have good people skills.

How much time would I need to give to be a volunteer? 2017-09-07T19:10:08+00:00

We will work to find you a volunteering opportunity that suits the amount of time you have to give. All you need is lots of enthusiasm and a little planning.

I’m working full-time, can I still volunteer with Osborne House? 2017-09-07T19:09:51+00:00

Yes, there are a range of voluntary activities you can get involved with that can take place outside of normal working hours, such as befriending.

As an Osborne House volunteer, will I be paid to cover my expenses? 2017-09-07T19:09:32+00:00

Travel costs incurred as a result of undertaking your volunteering activities will be refunded. This will not include your travel to Osborne House. Volunteering expenses will be discussed with you during your interview and when you join the team.

Can I claim benefits while volunteering with Osborne House? 2017-09-07T19:09:10+00:00

Yes, volunteering does not affect your benefits but you should always discuss this with your benefit(s) agency before committing to volunteering.

Will I be interviewed if I apply to be an Osborne House volunteer? 2017-09-07T19:08:15+00:00

You will be invited to attend an informal interview/meeting at Osborne House when you apply. This will be a relaxed discussion about you, your interests, why you would like to volunteer, the time you have available and give you the chance to ask any questions you might have. It will also give you the opportunity to have a look around Osborne House and meet some of the team and/or other volunteers.

What support will I get as an Osborne House volunteer? 2017-09-07T19:07:47+00:00

We will make sure that you are supported by colleagues, provide access to additional training (as required) and reimburse you for any out of pocket expenses incurred as part of undertaking your volunteering role – see will I be paid to cover my expenses.

Can I leave if I don’t like volunteering with Osborne House? 2017-09-07T19:07:27+00:00

Yes‚ of course you can. If you are unhappy it is always worth speaking to a colleague or the home/deputy home manager to see if they can do anything to improve your volunteering experience. However, if you feel that volunteering with Osborne House is not for you, you can leave at any time.

What is A DBS, will I need one and what will it cost? 2017-09-07T19:06:38+00:00

The main aim of the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) is to aid employers in making safer recruitment decisions and ensuring that unsuitable people do not work with vulnerable groups.

A DBS check tends to be required in instances where volunteers or employees in England and Wales are working in care, with children or vulnerable people.

Osborne House pays the fee for volunteer DBS checks.

Do I need to know anything about data protection? 2017-09-07T19:06:16+00:00

You must always respect a resident’s privacy and must not disclose any private information to anyone.