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Our Beliefs

We aim to enrich the lives of the people living with dementia who are in our care. Our beliefs and values are based upon our understanding that we must aim to ensure that the people who live here experience well-being and fulfilment in however they choose to live their life. We strive to provide the best specialist care for people living with dementia and the extensive training programs we offer reflect our desire to keep ahead of current best practice.

Affording privacy

How is this done? By allowing people to live how they would as if their own house, Knocking on doors, respecting their wishes, asking how they like to be addressed.  Allowing them to live in the life that has become theirs and us stepping into this life

Delivering dignity

Dignity in dementia is a vast serious statement. We must use items of clothing or something more useful to cover one’s dignity. For instance, often a swimming costume or shorts had been known to use to support that cover of areas that upset us to be seen.  We will never stop coming u with new ideas to deliver dignity in all areas.

Respecting independence by allowing risk

Independence is so important we do not want people to stop living it’s a case of adapting to live with dementia and allowing risk so that we do not over power and take away one of the most important things.  We must allow controlled risk by changing items to keep it usable.

Promoting choice

Searching and finding out what was choice and making these things happen again in one way or another. Giving options of all things that go on with in the home to make sure we cover all personal like dislikes.

Ensuring rights

Everyone has a right to live even when we have dementia it may need adapting to keep us safe but we all have rights.  We will continue to promote this in all areas of a persons life.