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The home is full of continuous activities, a number of which are based on everyday living. Remembering is not to take away what you know best. Good examples include cooking, cleaning and laundry.  These are all everyday activities that we all understand and are able to tackle at whatever memory level. We have full time day care and activity co-ordinators so there is always people around to get great activities going.

With the fact that the home is set up with a few different rooms means you can take your pick as to which activity you would like to participate in.  This makes it more than likely there is always something that meets the majority of people’s interests.

We thrive on finding out your past, what makes you happy and what can really give you the most fun. We start by  making a full  life history book which really contributes to ability  to tailor our care for you.  You come first in choice.  If there was a certain place you wanted to go then we will find a way of taking you, within our capabilities.

Locally we visit the garden centre most weeks which is always very popular. We also take trips to the supermarket and into the town square, coffee shops and  restaurants.  We have musical talented people come to the home to entertain us, which is great for those that are musical. Not to mention our wonderful weekly yoga classes.


 Activities keep us all energised, whether fast and furious or mild and brain stimulating. Whatever works best for you we will help you find the right way to be inspired and fulfilled.