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Welcome to Osborne Care Homes

It’s very hard to move someone from their own home. We at Osborne Care Home realise that family and friends will need support, both during and after the transition . We will help to make this move as smooth as possible. We like to keep all relatives involved with the day to day life of their loved ones. We offer a support group for both relatives and friends. It’s a great opportunity to share with others how you feel and maybe support one another. There will be information on financial support and how to take care of certain issues that occur when someone develops dementia. Our home has a heart which is shown through skilled staff and pure love for making a differ­ence in someone’s life, allowing choices still to be made and dignity to be kept at all times.

Our Beliefs

We aim to enrich the lives of people living with dementia who are in our care. Our beliefs and values are based upon our understanding that we must aim to ensure that the people who live here experience the highest possible quality of life, well-being and fulfilment, something we believe we excel at.


There is an activities coordinator working all day every day in our home. There is never a dull moment. Every resident will get to choose what they want to do. We are passionate about personal choice. There will be options from walking to making cakes and family and friends are welcome to visit at any time.


We pride ourselves in offering many great facilities offering a high standard in all areas. Updates and reverberations’ keep us with in this scope. We offer many rooms with private areas so that you feel at home allowing for your own privacy should you need it. Stimulation is very important in all parts of our life from our Tovertafel table to our hairdressing room you have a broad range of facilities at your fingertips.